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    Regeln am Band, bei hoher Geschwindigkeit
    A small town in Western Germany is the last stop for 26,000 pigs per day and a brief home for masses of Eastern European temporary workers. The workers of the largest slaughterhouse in the country are fighting for survival, while German activists who stand up for their rights are fighting against the local authorities. At the same time, Munich high school students are working on the play "Saint Joan of the Stockyards" and trying to grasp the old text and German capitalism of our days. Interwoven with the young people's examination of the text in the rehearsals, the film deals in various fragments with conditions and facets of temporary work and labour migration in Germany.



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    Genre: Demnächst im kino / Dokumentation
    Das Land: Deutschland
    Regisseur: Yulia Lokshina
    Schauspieler: N/A
    Auflösung: HD

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